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Bill of Health, the blog of Harvard Law’s Petrie-Flom Center

Wealth Inequality is a Vital Public Health Issue

Spitting at Science: The Unjustified Criminalization of Spitting While HIV-Positive

Repayment for Training as an Optimal Solution to Medical Brain Drain

Successful HIV Criminalization Reform in California: Q and A with Sen. Scott Wiener

Two Reasons Why Wealthy Nations Ought to Address Medical Brain Drain

Southern Indiana’s HIV Outbreak: A Lesson on the Importance of Incentivizing HIV Testing

Drug Pricing Controls and the Power of Familiar Ideas

Health Care for All Requires More than Funding, It Requires Building Trust


Notice and Comment, the blog of the Harvard Law & Policy Review

The “Many” Overlooked in the Supreme Court’s American Legion Decision

Epistemic Humility as a Presidential Virtue

Repealing the ACA Would be a Step Backwards in Treatment of HIV


The Partially Examined Life Blog

Epistemic Tribalism, Epistemic Chaos, and Epistemic Exhaustion

Developing Records with Trials: A Review of Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial by Kenji Yoshino

Voldemort as Plato’s Tyrant

Universal Salvation: One Hell of a Question


The Record, the Harvard Law School Student Newspaper

Contra Shapiro, We Can Reject Trump’s Status Quo

Fighting Fake News: A Mini Law Student Memoir from Two Days in the Trenches

The Six Credit Shift: Why We Should Lower the Number of Required Upper-level “Law Classroom Credits”

Walking Out on the Mooch

HLS’s Student Summer Contribution Policy Disadvantages Poorer Law Students


Amicus, the blog of the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review

Why You Can’t Sell Your Cake and Control it Too: Distinguishing Use from Design in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado

Masterpiece Cakeshop: A Hostile Interpretation of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission


The American Philosophical Association Blog

The Buzz Aldrin Fallacy

Sorites Authoritarianism


Justice Everywhere

The Truth-Revealing Power of Courts

Propogandists, Degrees of Reliability, and Epistemic Nihilism

Democracy’s Unpluckable Feathers and Presidential Term Limits