I’ve been teaching in university classrooms since 2011. During my time as a graduate student, I taught as a teaching assistant and instructor in the Philosophy Department at Purdue University, as adjunct faculty at Indiana University Kokomo, and as a teaching assistant in the First Year Legal Research and Writing Program at Harvard Law School, which was part of my role as a member of Harvard Law’s Board of Student Advisers.

In the Philosophy Department at Wayne State University, I teach the following courses:

PHI 3270: Foundations of Law

PHI 3500: Theory of Knowledge

PHI 5330: Ethics, Law, and Health

PHI 5570: Philosophy of Language

PHI 5800: Philosophical Foundations of Free Speech

In February 20223, I’m presenting on teaching about freedom of speech at the AAPT-APA’s Teaching Hub at the Central APA. The list of reading recommendations I plan to provide there can be found here.